Ryan Kaplan

About me

Hi there! I'm a software engineer at Dropbox, where I work on Carousel. I don't spend much time curating this site, but you can find a link to my CV here and some silly stuff I made below. I spent the last two years working primarily on Carousel and my publications. I live in San Francisco with this amazing person and I work with all of these lovely people.

Some of my academic interests:

Math Demonstrations

There are more to come than the two below! I'd also love to have an explanation next to each one to turn it into something that others can learn from. Right now, they just serve to give intuition to people who already understand the concepts.

Nine Point Circle
I made this demonstration long before I knew anything about web development, but many years later I still find it fun to play with. It lets you draw an arbitrary triangle, and shows you that 9 points derivable from the triangle (seemingly magically) lie on a circle. Click here to view.

If you draw any quad and join its midpoints with lines, you get a parallelogram! That's pretty neat. The animation below repeatedly draws a (not quite) random quad and joins its midpoints with lines.


I'm pretty bad at responding to personal email (sorry!) but you can try reaching me at ryankap at gee mail dot com.